Business is changing forever, turning into an online office where employees, clients and suppliers need to collaborate remotely, having secure access to information anytime, anywhere.

Knowing your customer is about knowing his business.

ERP and Tech companies around the world, today, more than ever, claim industry specialization. ERP verticals and purpose-specific apps (as micro apps) are the current trend and ERP moguls are leveraging on that in order to strengthen the interest of potential clients and increase their market/industry penetration.

Starting from our website -as the front matter of our company’s communications- check out below, the tools we use in order to effectively communicate and support our Client's during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Digital One-Stop-Shop Portal

In the digital age, we designed our website with the concept of Mobile-First, aiming to inform visitors simply and effectively, everywhere.

Construction Estimating is a complex and cumbersome process that requires the loading of resources’ costs to BoQ Code lines.

The main resource cost is on materials/quantities. Materials and relative quantities (Lump Sum and/or Measured) are most…

We have more than 300 employees more than half of which are involved in software development. We always work closely with our Clients, understanding their needs and providing immediate answers even to the most challenging requests whilst enriching our Software with new features from the best practices of top companies, around the world.

Construction Technology (ConTech) is turning into a ‘supermarket’ of standalone apps, each addresses one-two Construction challenges: Labor productivity, field (site) collaboration, Reporting, Estimation, Bidding, BIM, Document Management, Collaboration, and the list … goes on and on!

The construction industry is very reluctant to change. Companies are mostly running Excels -on steroids- and are using old-fashioned processes for estimation, control and operations. The reason is that the Construction industry is a very unique domain of doing business. Much different from Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing where operations mainly take place within a controlled environment.

This Article argues that purpose-specific applications may only do…

Back in the early 90’s, 00's and 10's Information and Technology industry (IT) was just another Industry. Similar to Manufacturing, Transportation, Banking, Retail etc. the IT Industry had its own market, characteristics, challenges and trends.

Business Software Vendors (B2B) were developers of systems such as: ERPs, CRMs, HRMS and SCM systems that attain a ‘horizontal’, purpose-specific, business logic but had no tangency into any specific Industry’s comprehensive business operations.

Systems in Construction

In Construction, there were several niche systems that addressed challenges in drafting, engineering calculations, economics, design management, field operations, quality control and ‘collaboration’.

About Geomaterials

Geomaterials are structural elements that are used in construction, meaning that their mechanical characteristics (elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, hardness and fatigue limit) either as end-products (manufactured from earth materials) or as extracted materials, mined directly from the earth, are ideal for building structures.

My Thoughts on Project Costing:

  • Accelerate cost loading using Productivity Templates based on CSI Uniformat

Construction, today, similarly to the Global economy comes to a HALT!

1. Increase your bidding opportunities and your presence

Times like these, Stay Calm and Accentuate Business Confidence.

DANAOS Projects

The award-winning ConTech and PropTech software provider for Construction and Facility Management companies. The developer of ProjectVIEW and licensor of VORTEX

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