I have been a commercial director of a high tech company for more than a decade. I have been an internet enthusiast since 1991. Where in order to login to our university VAX from my home in Kentucky, I could use 2 phone (land) lines. One that was disconnecting when I had an incoming call. Another that sound busy, so I could uninterruptedly continue my connection to the VAX.

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These days … we used MS DOS, DR DOS and Norton. We formatted our PC every week as we were shifting to Windows and OS Wrap. I can still remember installing a match co-processor to my 286x so I could run AutoCAD and use memmaker to double my RAM.

20+ years after, I feel that I can tell if a software app is good. What good means is to totally fulfill its scope but also to provide the latitude to expand, if you need so. When it comes to Content Management … there is only one; Wordpress. Period. Wordpress. I mean Drupal is as good, but not for the same scope of business. PHP, My SQL, Javascript … they rule.

Simple, straight forward and well supported. And is FREE. Value for money all around. I have been using Wordpress as a CMS for almost 2 years and I already feel confident creating almost everything. With a little programming you can even turm WP to a document management system

As a tech lover, my limited free time is allocated searching for tools, and new technology. Up to now, Wordpress have never let me down, for the type of work I do … and more.

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