Shipping in the technology Context

In a world that everything and … everyone is connected, the Shipping (Maritime) industry is lagging behind and is mostly falling short.

The fact is that shipping is one of the most profitable and obviously well run industries.

Ship owners pioneer in a highly competitive environment, conquering the transportation industry and delivering high yield outcomes with Vessels that are almost rarely connected and software with old-fashioned architecture and operational principles. Where the legacy of a telegram, a fax and an email are data-bridging Vessels2Offices, Crew2Business and Office2Office.

As a new comer to the industry I have been asking myself?

Is internet availability a problem? Is marine engineering too complex? Are there procedural and data aggregation issues? Is the cost/benefit ratio for any tech investment low? And how about aviation, for example. How about construction, or retail?

In a B2B market -such as shipping- the extension to the C part (Customer, Crew) is overlooked, and is mostly absent. Systems are enterprise B2B solutions where value is brought within closed-secure ecosystems. Where sourcing, trading, bunkering, building, finance still remain the most important domains for reducing costs. And where crew welfare, efficiency, performance, safety and standardization are just recently introduced “buzzwords”.

Traditional shipping marketplaces and enterprise system vendors are mostly aligned with the traditional concepts and overlook the value of the “new buzzwords”. Marketplaces are either buyer or supplier biased. Systems are asynchronous data islands where commercial, technical and financial applications are hosted within company LANs with limited access to the outside world.

From the simple administration of the crew travel tickets to company emails, vessel telegrams, port news and to the most difficult management of the complex vessel technical data are all treated within a company. Within a close ecosystem at best!

And then … there is DanaosONE. A marketplace of services. Not of sourcing. Of services. Where each and every shipping company can “open” a single window to outsiders.

  • To partners that can have a secure access on the company data, on-demand.
  • To Crew that can get connected to the head office, or port.
  • To agents that can provide valuable information.
  • To public authorities as a proof of consciousness for environment and safety.

A servicing platform where standardization of procedures provides transparency and regulatory and statutory compliance. A servicing platform where decisions are based on real-time information, captured, associated and streamlined within company users, now! A servicing platform where ship managers can save money by reducing administrative costs and increase audit-ability and trace-ability.

Is it so hard to deliver a Service? Is it so hard to understand that information captured on source can be diffused on a need-to-know basis? Is it so hard to understand the power to know? Actually is NOT. Is common sense.

DanaosONE is not just another platform. Is not a marketplace. Is the vision of Danaos to modernize the shipping industry. Is our concept for opening a Single Window to trusted partners and employees.

This is our Value Proposition to Shipping.

Written by

The award-winning ConTech and PropTech software provider for Construction and Facility Management companies. The developer of ProjectVIEW and licensor of VORTEX

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