B2B Software goes dead. Long live Vertical Software.

Back in the early 90’s, 00's and 10's Information and Technology industry (IT) was just another Industry. Similar to Manufacturing, Transportation, Banking, Retail etc. the IT Industry had its own market, characteristics, challenges and trends.

Business Software Vendors (B2B) were developers of systems such as: ERPs, CRMs, HRMS and SCM systems that attain a ‘horizontal’, purpose-specific, business logic but had no tangency into any specific Industry’s comprehensive business operations.

Systems in Construction

In Construction, there were several niche systems that addressed challenges in drafting, engineering calculations, economics, design management, field operations, quality control and ‘collaboration’.

Software vendors will customize and configure their ‘vanilla-based’ ERPs, CRMs, HRMS and SCM to the ‘language of construction’ whilst integrate with the niche expert systems in order to enhance their business logic.

Still today -in most of the cases- delivery of a comprehensive construction-specific application is far from complete and reliable in terms of tackling the routes of the challenges and accommodating the future needs of the construction companies.

Vertical Software

Well, things are changing! Vertical software requires more than customization and configuration. Construction companies, today more than ever, require a comprehensive system that understands … their industry’s ins and outs. A system that will be saturated with a knowledge of this industry and will evolve, scale, guide and adapt to their ongoing needs.

Companies require a SINGLE Solutions Integrator a software-house that knows their industry and can guide and support end-to-end their digital transformation journey.

Vertical Software becomes the NEXT BIG THING!

Vertical software is an industry-specific, market-specific and size-specific single solution that could be delivered within a very aggressive timeframe and support users to be operational from Day 1

Construction companies should understand that having a rock solid ERP platform in their artillery is a life-or-death decision in order to stay competitive in a changing and volatile marketplace.

Vertical Software is not just another ERP customized to the needs of a specific industry but rather a sophisticated comprehensive solution that has been built ground-up by industry experts and technology specialists, for business, purpose and market specificities.

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