An admirable effort from several companies to “transform digital”.

Most of the times the digital transformation starts from the core daily operations and further extends to Marketing/Sales and other domains. From banking and insurance to manufacturing, maritime, retail and services, there is a common denominator for all core operations; Gathering of data — Capturing Information.

Throughout numerous presentations and discussions with clients, I am always trying to emphasize the fact that data should be captured on origin. Origin is the starting point or each business process. Allow me to elaborate further …

Where is this origin?

Well, emails is a very good starting point. Customers, Suppliers, Partners and mostly our own internal employees use emails to distribute electronically the data. Data in emails includes main body and several attachments.

What is another starting point?

Documents are originated into MS Office Suite. Employees are creating documents in MS Word, Excel etc. and they distribute them around … mostly using the aforementioned email, if not a hard copy.

Records are also brought in to any office desk as hard copies and they have to be distributed manually and further archived.

So what is the “wrong picture” with all of the above? Too much data, too many people, so many processes … what a predicament!!! what a waste of time and resources!!!

So what is the solution to this problem?

We exchange data due to imperative operations’ flows (processes) of each department. Flows involve documents, records, emails and … people. If we need to capture this “data” then we need to digitize the flows. Consequently, digitizing the flows means 3 things:

  1. Create cases that are in an associative and NOT in a tree-structure
  2. Index and catalogue all documents, emails and records with the necessary metadata and
  3. Distribute them among the “right” people using a flow-streamline.

The Result

  1. Everybody (with the appropriate credentials) has access to data. If they have access then … they can act and react by taking actions. Then data becomes INFORMATION
  2. Collaboration is about people interaction and share of this information. If this is the case, then, people can make decisions (almost instantly) based upon this information-sharing environment
  3. Then company, saves money and time (printing, distribution, searching etc) and can also streamline each operation process and identify possible flaws. Re-adjustment is easy!

The Bottom line

Document Management, Business Process Management, Adaptive Case Management or HR Management, Assets Management are ALL based upon Processes. We should not get troubled about the acronym or the name of each system. We should all seat and identify the processes. Digitize them and turn data into useful INFO!

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The award-winning ConTech and PropTech software provider for Construction and Facility Management companies. The developer of ProjectVIEW and licensor of VORTEX

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