Adaptive Case Management

Business is changing forever, turning into an online office where employees, clients and suppliers need to collaborate remotely, having secure access to information anytime, anywhere.

Providing a unique incoming and registration numbering, along with time-stamping and document details, DANAOS Infogate facilitates life cycle Document Management within the organization, turning data into useful info and content into context.

DANAOS Infogate helps Companies adopt a unified approach to incoming & outgoing documentation, wherein all files, folders and information — regardless of format (digital, multimedia, paper) or location — are brought under a single set of policies, procedures, and management oversight, digitally distributed via a unified Mail / Case Management System, securely accessible by users based on their role & credentials.

DANAOS Infogate serves as the Ultimate Solution for indexing, organizing and storing documents, emails and all other content, contributing to the modernization of businesses by streamlining information-flow among all stakeholders.

Once implemented, DANAOS Infogate will help your Company:

  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Speed access to all the Relevant Information required to be productive
  • Minimize your Compliance Risk
  • Improve Litigation Support & Discovery
  • Work from anywhere, securely.

For information on DANAOS Infogate please contact:

Mr. Nikos Egkolfopoulos

Sr. Sales & Business Development Manager, Maritime Solutions
Phone: +30 694 936 6875


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